Collection: Gold Plated Pendant Necklaces

The stunning solid USA collection of our pendant Necklace set is made of artificial 14 karat gold plated and the pendant is with a real gemstone made for women. Taking great pride in our work. has given the jewelry pieces you buy on our online store a  shiny gold color which does not easily tannish as it is perfect for everyday use.

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Is it true or not that you are searching for good quality gold gems, yet do you suppose genuine gold is somewhat excessively costly? Then a gold plated piece of gems is the ideal arrangement! Gold plated jewelleries  looks equivalent to the genuine gold form however is much more reasonable. Underneath we make sense of what gold plated is precisely!


A gold-plated  is a piece of jewellery and a piece of metal jewellery that has a layer of one more substance like metal or copper coated  and dipped on top of it , the genuine gold can be 0.05% or less fluid gold. The lean layer of gold makes the jewellery truly reasonable than jewellery that was  made of genuine gold.  However it is a decent choice in the event that you want jewelleries for simply an event, or for evaluating recent fads.

The slenderness of gold plating makes the gold worn out very easy. It is additionally more inclined to discolouring when presented to any sorts of fluids or synthetics. Even though  Gold itself doesn't erode but copper and metal will.

Our gold plated jewelleries  are an exemption from discolouring because both  18k gold plated and 925 sterling silver plated still look similarly as gorgeous after several uses their colours still remains the same.

In our online shop you will be able to get entire ranges of our gold-plated rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


Your gold plated jewelleries  can stay longer and beautiful because of a few reasons yet still the  adequate of  thickness of the gold plating or outside metal that was added can likewise impacts the solidness and magnificence  of its  life sperm  when  it is presented to rain and even oxygen. You really should accept great consideration of your jewelleries  and handle it with care. Beneath we share a few hints that will assist you with keeping your gems lovely:

  • You need to confine your gold-plated jewellery when you need to shower, swim or clean your hands because the fact is gold plating is exceptionally delicate adornments with regards to water and chlorine.
  • When you want to use washing liquids or detergent , it is wise to take off your gold plated jewellery  and use it after your hands or body are dry.
  • Assuming you are utilizing fragrance or hairspray, body creams, or sun cream it is smarter to take off your jewelleries so it won't get in contact with any substances that will make it worn out.
  • If you are someone who likes sport it is recommended to take out your jewelleries when you sport, gym, exercise because sweat adversely affects the gold plating and its tone.
  • Ensure you store your jewellery perfectly and keep them in dark and close places like a crate or sack. You can likewise utilize the wonderful Flawed jewellery boxes you get when you buy your jewellery from our website or you can get jewellery storage boxes from the closest shop around you.
  • If you are sleeping I advise you to remove your jewellery chains or earrings because if any of them was not fixed properly it can cause danger.

If you really handle your gold-plated jewellery with care, then it can last you for a very long time and you can get the best out of it. Check and shop our gold-plated jewellery because all of them are nickel free and you will never regret buying it.  Also, you can find pure and real 14k and 18k solid gold necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants on our online store for a very cheap and affordable price for both men and women.