Collection: Solid Gold Chain

Our Gold necklace is striking latest gold necklace design that’s ready to make an impression on your beauty.  Normally  when you are shopping for a gold necklace or chains. it is sometimes difficult because you don’t think only to find the right design  but also think about the type of gold jewery you will love to buy.

It is most time confusing when you enter into a gold jewelry shop to look for  gold because there are solid gold and gold vermeil necklaces or chains (jewelery)  and  you might not know the difference but the real gold is always expensive

Our solid gold jewelry   are the best but expensive because it is made purely from gold.  It is most times mixed with other metals so that it can be structure well and durable.  The higher the  amount of gold  in the jewelry the  higher the price and  the purity of the gold is measured by karats so the higher the karats the higher the price.