Collection: Lab Diamond Gold Pendant Necklace

Peardedesign diamond necklaces are unique but at the same time cheap.  They are made from high-quality gold with created lab-grown diamonds. Buying these engrave jewelery will be perfect for your women.   Our collections are comfortable and feature sparkling diamonds.  Our design  charm necklaces  are very cool  and perfect for your personal style because they comes in  silver, rose and yellow gold color and gives your neck  a gorgeous look

The attraction of a diamond or gold chain mainly is a LAB CREATED DIAMOND and gold use on them.  The necklace comes in three colors

White gold, which is made from a mixture of real gold and  other metals such as silver, palladium, and nickel, will turn silver when exposed to moisture. Many jewelers raise the price of white gold with the addition of  rhodium plating added. Platinum-tone bracelets are an inexpensive but  durable and long-lasting metal.

Yellow gold is mixed with real gold, copper and nickel to give it a yellow look that is attractive and won't go out of fashion anytime soon. The carat difference in  the chain or necklace is the actual amount of gold uses on the jewellery.  

24k is sometimes available, but is not recommended as it is a very soft metal and scratches easily. make yellow gold necklaces or chains very beautiful and the best.

Rose gold is the latest color gold design for engagement rings and  is made from an alloy of real gold, silver and copper, and this combination of metals gives it a beautiful pink color.