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The solid engagement ring can take your jewelry collections to the next level in the USA. Our Real 18K and 14K  gold jewelry is made with  VVS1 clarity moissanite diamond.  It's affordable and inexpensive price still gives you unique quality. The stylish design is available online in different shapes and diamonds. 

Pure minimalistic bands bring beauty to the top fashions and beauty to wedding shopping because of it beautiful finishing.   The promise eternity rings is designed and crafted for both men and women at a good price and match your unique style. 

Whether you're looking for a wedding band or engagement rings to shop online or in the stores, you've likely seen that most settings are accessible in two unique sorts of solid gold — 14K and 18K. 

In spite of prevalent thinking, when you purchase a piece of gold jewellery, it typically isn't made from genuine gold. All things being equal, practically all gold jewellery is produced using a composite made by consolidating pure gold with different metals.

The justification for this is that real gold is extremely delicate. On the off chance that wedding bands, hoops, and other jewellery were made utilizing real gold, they'd scratch, scrape, mark and twist very simply, frequently from brushing against another surface. 

There's likewise the variety issue — rather than the warm gold variety that a large portion of us partner with gold jewellery, pure gold is nearer to orange in variety.

Along these lines, current gold jewellery utilizes gold that is blended in with different metals. The immaculateness of this gold is estimated utilizing the karat framework, which gives data on which level of gold is comprised of pure gold. 


14K and 18K gold are both normally utilized for wedding bands — as a matter of fact, they're both exceptionally famous choices for wedding ring settings. Both have their own novel advantages and disadvantages, from appearance to cost, and sturdiness and that's only the tip of the iceberg. We've recorded these beneath. 


  • 14K gold enjoys a few benefits. To begin with, it's reasonable. Since unadulterated gold makes up 58.3% of the metal substance of 14K gold, a wedding band produced using 14K gold will as a rule cost somewhat not exactly a similar ring produced using 18K gold.
  • Second, 14K gold is genuinely tough. Gold is a seriously delicate, flexible metal that scratches, twists and twists without any problem. This implies that the cleaner a gold wedding ring is, the simpler it becomes to scratch it on entryway outlines, work areas, tables, the ground, and different surfaces.
  • While 14K gold isn't quite as strong as platinum or palladium, it's more than tough enough for the typical individual. It's likewise fundamentally more solid than 18K gold, settling on it is the better choice if your life partner-to-be having a functioning way of life or works with her hands.
  • Third, while 14K gold isn't generally so unadulterated as 18K gold, its moderately high unadulterated gold substance implies that it holds the glow and rich variety that individuals partner with gold. Despite the fact that it can look marginally dull when contrasted one next to the other and 18K gold, 14K gold looks shocking all alone.
  • At long last, 14K gold is pervasive and generally accessible in the realm of wedding bands. It's by a wide margin the most famous kind of gold for wedding bands, representing around 90% of all rings sold in the US, UK and other Western nations. This makes it a simple choice to find.


  • 14K gold is well known on purpose: for the vast majority, it's the most ideal decision. Nonetheless, it has a couple of little weaknesses.
  • Most people don't like 14 karat gold as compared to the love they have for 18K gold because of the act that it has a rich and noteworthy variety, the presence of 14K gold isn't exactly just as solid as 18K gold because of its lower gold immaculateness level.
  • Secondly, 14 karat gold has more chances against people with sensitive skin. 14K gold is somewhat bound to bring about skin sensitivities than 18K gold. If your life partner-to-be is hypersensitive to silver, copper, nickel, zinc, or iron, this could be a point in 18K gold's approval. 


  • 18 karat has one big advantage which is the quality and purity. This is the best gold to make a wedding and engagement ring because of its ravishing appearance of close real gold with the majority benefits of alloy. You see the purity very clearly on both 18k yellow and 18k rose because it shows a lively tone.
  • The more the level of gold is pure on 18K gold likewise makes it doubtful to set off skin sensitivities than 14K or 10K gold. Albeit 18K gold actually contains nickel and other amalgam metals, they're just present in little amounts, making the gamble of contact dermatitis or other hypersensitive responses tiny. 


  • Sadly, 18K solid gold's greatest benefit — its immaculateness — is likewise its greatest disservice. Because of its higher level of unadulterated gold, 18K gold is observably milder and more straightforward to scratch or gouge than 14K gold.
  • This intends that if your life partner to-be works with her hands or has a functioning way of life, a 18K gold ring probably won't be the most ideal decision.
  • One more detriment of 18K gold is its cost. As we momentarily referenced above, 18K gold costs a decent measure more than 14K gold, with most 18K gold wedding bands estimated at 150% to 200% as much as their 14K partners.